The promotions compatible with slot machines

The promotions compatible with slot machines The promotions compatible with slot machines

Everyone is aware of the advantages of an online casino over a brick-and-mortar casino. And quite obviously, in this more advantageous package you will find promotions, otherwise called bonuses.

These sums of money, for the most part attractive, are exclusive to casinos on the Internet and, more specifically, are largely the province of slot machines. Let’s just say that 70% of the time, if you obtain a promotion in a casino you will be using it to play the one-armed bandits.

For those among you who are not familiar with promotions, here is a detailed overview of what awaits you in your favorite establishment.

Sign-up promotions

To reward you for having chosen its establishment, the casino allows you to benefit from a unique bonus, quite often a considerable one, which is applied to your first deposit. This means that if you credit your player account with €50, for example, you can see 200% to 400% of this amount added on to your initial balance.

It is always at the time of the initial deposit that the bonus will be the most substantial. One should not forget that, for the company, it’s an effective way to attract the player to its offering. And, let’s be clear, for the player it is always advantageous to multiply the starting amount.

Game promotions

During your games the casinos are also going to offer you the same type of bonuses, which reflect percentages of the amounts that you have deposited. Once again, these promotions enable you to see your starting balance significantly increase. The rates, of course, will be less generous than those for sign-up bonuses. As you may have surmised, there arises in the latter case the obligation to make a deposit in order to obtain them.

Loyalty promotions

The casino’s goal is obviously to win your loyalty, for casino managers know that a player is by nature very fickle, especially on the net where the offerings are substantial. So if you are a regular player, a player who often returns and makes deposits, the casino is going to notice you and thus perhaps invite you to join the VIP club, where in any case you will profit from free bonuses, that is to say, from promotions that will not require any deposit on your part.

These amounts can be awarded for free, which is to say that they will be wholly defined by the agent who is handling your player account. The second solution, it’s for these amounts to be calculated on the basis of the deposits you make. The casino will define a monthly percentage, 20% for example. That means that every month you will obtain 20% of the balance of your deposits made during that month, a great way to multiply your odds of winning.

One-time promotions

In a casino environment, there are always features that players need to learn know how to notice. And to make an impression, casino owners will often make little gifts in the form of free bonuses.

This means that when new games are being placed online, or at the time of casino anniversaries or special holidays like Christmas and Easter, it is quite likely that the casino will offer you credits in order for you to play in real mode and to play for real money.

When you accept a promotion, that is to say when you activate it, you will need to assure yourself that you understand all the requirements that you will be subject to. You can consult our article on bonus conditions in online casinos to get further information.

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