Mobile casino games gain traction

The idea that all the online casino games that can be played nowadays on laptops or desktops will soon be available on mobile platforms, might seem far-fetched.

For two of the most important software developers in the industry, this is a certainty and both Microgaming and International Game Technology diligently work to make this possible. Their games are compatible to both IOS and Android operating systems, so regardless of what devices their players are using, they would be able to enjoy the same titles.

IGT has committed an entire division to work on their new project and WagerWorks has already announced that it plans to release two dozens of new games the next year. For now their focus is on providing players with enjoying various types of blackjack and roulette, but slot games are also in their plan. The challenge is to close the gap separating them from Microgaming who already released two games built on HTML5, known as Agent Jane Blonde and Avalon. The names leave very little room for mystery, but the games themselves are quite immersive and have the potential of keeping players hooked.

Agent Jane Blonde features a lovable heroine that goes through similar challenges as the famous 007 agent, and the game features visually attractive animations. The gamble feature is present in both games, and in this particular title, players would be showered with free spins and increased payouts during the bonus game. By comparison, Avalon awards slightly less free spins but the multiplayer snake up for this lacking and the profits are significantly higher. Right now Microgaming appears to have the upper hand, but the competition is strong and this benefits players who have a better chance to enjoy the best games.

Evolution is inevitable and even though some games seems to change very little over the course of time, eventually new variants appear. As for blackjack, software developers are spearheading the offensive and each year those who play their favorite game over the Internet are presented with new alternatives, just like this alternative site for casino advice WagerWorks has created 21 + 3 Blackjack which is a hybrid between traditional blackjack and three card poker. It combines the rules of both games, but players don't need to be experts in three card poker to be successful in this version of blackjack.

The game begins with the same ante bet as in any blackjack game, but the player also has the option of wagering an additional amount for three card poker. The main game here is blackjack and it is played in the same manner as the original, with the dealer receiving no hole card and no chance to check for blackjack. This makes it particularly important to wager the right amount, so that the double down and split can be done with reasonable costs if the opportunity arises. Speaking of which, a player can choose to double down on any cards and even after a split, but only one re-split is allowed.

The dealer automatically stands at 17, blackjack pays 3 to 2 and all the other payouts apply as in regular blackjack. Six decks of cards are used and players can purchase insurance, and receive their cash back in case of a tie, with the overall return being an impressive 99.7%. As for the three card poker part, it is as straightforward as it gets, with the player’s two cards and the dealer's face up one making the poker hand. Depending on its strength, players with receive a payout corresponding to the amounts in the payout table.

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