Welcome on, a comprehensive web portal which is intended for all online gamblers and slot machines biggest fans. If you are visiting our site, it is probably because you have been disappointed with land-based casinos (40% of the players on online casino come from land-based casinos according a study published on After all, they are expensive, crowded, noisy, not made for you. We think the Internet may be the adequate place to play for those of you who are on the lookout for a true authentic entertaining experience, as a famous Finnish blogger has said. Also, nobody is going to snoop around your side or bother you while playing slots on the web. You’ll finally be free to enjoy the peace and quiet you certainly deserve!

The days of Vegas trips are numbered and Americas great slot machine state is now crumbling with free online slots on the internet. For French speakers, you will find all information you need by visiting

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Interaction is at the heart of the matter

The reason why players are more and more disappointed in what land based casino have been offering for decades is because they do not provide the same level of interaction than online casinos. Indeed, contrary to the online operators’ websites, they do not offer live chat, which means you cannot talk with your friends whether you are playing online slots or any other type of game. Furthermore, though the land based managers may be very aboveboard and open-minded people, they do not always want to provide gamblers with top-notch games due to economic reasons. Quite the reverse, 3D and video slots are numerous in online casinos and their stunning graphics are definitely a way to get players dancing in the clouds ! Staying at home before your computer presents other advantages: first, you avoid useless costs, substantially flights and hotels expenses. Secondly, you enjoy the comfort of your home and are not obliged to step foot outside the door!

The same quality as what you would find in land based casinos

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Many players are reluctant to play online because they believe the online casinos products are cheaper and less attractive than what we can find in land based casino. Hopefully, the games offered by online casino are as good as the Las Vegas or Atlantic City slot machines. Even better , online gamblers will benefit from larger selections on the Internet, the themes, variations and betting options being more numerous in web casinos. On top of that, software companies and software editors frequently create new slot games in order to avoid the players’ boredom. Don't forget there is an array of free online slots you can play with to learn and master certain games.

Secured and fair slot games

The slots and other games available online are totally fair and secured. The Random Number Generator technology used by the online casino is tested and evaluated by official organisms, from Las Vegas for some of them, of which mission is to ensure the fairness of every game. Same way, online casinos are regularly requested by accounting companies in order to assess if the payouts respond to reasonable odds. Eventually, each online casino possesses a license delivered by European gambling committees, which proves that the security requirements they have to respect are met.